I tried searching the forum to see if this bug was already mentioned but it seems it was not. So here I am.

I tried using "Photon Trident' with "Number 62 : Galaxy-Eyes Prime Photon Dragon" to make him inflict piercing damage and OTK but I couldn't activate the spell card (the monsters on my side of the field were Beelze and Number 62) and was only able to set Photon Trident, which means neither was a valid target to Photon Trident according to YGOPRO, and that means the game does not treat Number 62 as a "Photon" monster. Please fix this. Here is a replay (Tag Duel) and I can upload my deck if necessary

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Thanks for the report.

This has been noted and will be fixed.
Number wall can't be activated when Prime Photon on the field

please fix this bug in next version