so, i played with galaxy new toy recently, and pretty much attracted to some of it's new cards.
the problem is, Tachyon transmigration's exclusive effect, which said can be activated from hand when 'galaxy-eyes tachyon' monster/s is present is null.

i ranked a galaxy eyes tachyon dragon to neo galaxy-eyes tachyon dragon, yes. but shouldnt it still be considered as tachyon monster?

coz it says tachyon monster, not specifically 'galaxy eyes tachyon dragon'.


also, plz correct me if i'm wrong, but it didn't send the card/s it has negated back to the deck, but to the graveyard instead.

btw, neo galaxy-eyes tachyon's design is more like a big alien with tentacles rather than a dragon. That's a let down, but the effect is too good to resist. Hope Konami would release a better version of it lol.
and more

Tachyon Transmigration effect

If you control a "Galaxy-Eyes" monster: Negate the activations of your opponent's Spell Cards, Trap Cards, and monster effects that are in the same Chain as this card, and if you do, shuffle all of those negated cards on the field into the Deck. If you control a "Galaxy-Eyes Tachyon Dragon" monster, you can activate this card from your hand.

Negate the activations of your opponent's

but she is able to deny my own cards

This card is know to not be working as it should be atm.

Please be patient while cards are being fixed. Thanks
Thanks Steeldarkeagel
Sorry, i haven't noticed that this card is already discussed. thx for your concern tough.