How to dual someone with same level of cards as you?

I mean the old Yo Gi Oh cards not from the new Yogioh Gx or newer cards from Yogioh games?



Anyway. Best solution for your trouble would be to get some friends first and play with them by your rules.
Try to learn this new duel system.

A synchro monster is a grey (white) card that belongs in your extra. A "Synchro Summon" is conducted by having on your field 1 tuner monster and 1+ non-tuner monsters. The number of levels must add up to the level of the synchro monster in order to perform said synchro summon.

An XYZ monster is a black card that belongs in your extra deck. An Xyz summon is conducted by having two or more monsters that are the same level on field and "overlaying" one card ontop of the other to perform an XYZ summon. The monsters that were used to perform the summon are known as Xyz material.
Xyz material are cost for Xyz monsters. Xyz monsters usually have to detach (or send to the graveyard) one or more Xyz material to use the Xyz monster's effect. Xyz material are technically in "limbo" which means that they aren't on the field.

I made this 'old school' deck. this deck for people that have decided to play YGO after a long rest :D
This deck contains many cards that people mostly noticed/remembered or has short text.

How to put this deck inside your YGOPRO?
1. Download it from here (just click "OldSchoolDeck1.ydk" below), its about 1 kb only
2. Open your download folder (where the file is put after have been downloaded > normally in Download folder)

Now we need move this file to your "Deck Folder"
If you dont know how to move it...

3. Cut your downloaded deck (OldSchoolDeck1), (RightClick mouse on it, and click cut)
4. open your YGO folder (like mine is ygopro-1.032.1-V5-Percy-full) open it and you will find a folder named DECK.
5. Just Paste (RightClick mouse and choose paste)
6. Just play your YGOPRO, and you will find this deck in DECK EDITOR 😃
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