It was the opponent's turn and there was a Redox and Stardust Assault on my side of the field. I used the Assault's effect during the turn and at the end of the turn there was a prompt to bring back my Redox but not the Assault.

Afterwards, it prompt me to activate Assault's return effect, but the game suddenly skipped this prompt before I could choose yes or no. In order words, a box appeared to activate Assault's effect but it disappeared and ended the turn before I could press anything.

For the entire next turn I could see the activation animation in the grave but it doesn't show in the replay.

The link below will contain the screen of the activation animation on my partner's turn. I'm sorry I could not screenshot the skipped box, it just happened so quickly.

Stardust Glitch Animation
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Glitched Stardust Assault skipped end phase.yrp (2kb) downloaded 1 time(s).

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You were not playing YgoPro you were playing TDOANE, you will need to go to their forums to tell them this.