I just want to share my funny experience (of course most of us have this experience) about destiny draw or sixth sense.
When i use a same deck for a long time, some times i just know what my next draw.
(dont know if bad draw or good draw, but sometimes you know what the next card you will draw before you draw it).

Sometimes i just make a joke :

When i use Evil Hero deck.
I just make a joke, DESTINY DRAW!!! And i got Dark Calling.
Well just say it is a coincidence (but it feels funny [:tongue:] )

The 2nd longest deck i have used is Evilswarm deck.
When i hope for mystical space typhoon, i draw it.[:thumbu:]
On another duel. When i hope for Evilswarm : Cercyon : I DIDNT get it...[:wall:]

But sometimes, in same critical condition, i just got an image "foolish burial" and i really draw "foolish burial" (and of course i lost)

Now my 3rd deck : Gagaga deck.
During play, just suddenly i got a sense that my 2 next draw i will got Dark Armed Dragon, and Onomatopair for OTK combo (gagaga girl maschumach combo).
so i used Lavalval chain, send more gagaga to graveyard for preparation. I dont ever doubt about it. [:thumbu:]
Its funny feeling, because now i just guess not 1 card. But 2 next cards!.[:laugh:] [:lol:] [:tongue:]

Am i getting closer to use SHINING DRAW, BARIAN DRAW or DESTINY DRAW? [:tongue:] [:tongue:] [:tongue:]

Do you have some experience about Destiny Draw or maybe Your Sixth Sense? XD

PS :
lol story :
You have nothing in your field and hand. And for your last turn you shout "DESTINY DRAW!!!" and you draw DESTINY DRAW card.
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Well, I have this funny experience when I am dueling.
Both my and my opponent's fields are empty, and I don't have a single card in my hand.
My LP is at 1200, while my opponent's is at 1300.
Guess what I draw next?

Link is the new Synchro, because it changes the definition of "Classic" in Yu-Gi-Oh!
Cyber Eltanin all the way :D

And Numeron Force on #101.
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