I'm confused and maybe someone can explain this to me?

If Magic Jammer can negate a pendulum monster from being placed into the pendulum zone, how is it that Secret Village of the Spellcasters cannot prevent the same thing? Is a Pendulum Monster being placed into the Pendulum Zones not counted as a spell card activation?

I'll attach a replay of what I'm talking about.
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Is there anyone who can help with this?

If Pendulum Monsters are activated from the hand as spell cards to be placed into the Pendulum Zones, and Secret Village says "your opponent cannot activate Spell Cards" when other conditions are met, I'm confused as to why ygopro allows Pendulum Monsters to still be played into the pendulum zone...

Another replay is attached
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wtf pendulum 2.yrp (3kb) downloaded 3 time(s).

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Its because Pendulum monsters are treated as monster cards in the Deck, Hand, or Graveyard.
They only get treated as spell cards once they are placed in the Pendulum zone.

So basically they are still treated as monsters when they get activated from the hand, so they can get around Secret Village restriction. :/

Official Ruling

Q: What are Pendulum Monsters to begin with? Are they Spell Cards or Monster Cards?
A: At the time they are placed in the Pendulum Zone they are activated as Spell Cards, and they are as treated as Spell Cards while they are placed in the Pendulum Zone, but if they are in the Deck, hand or Graveyard, they are treated as Monster Cards.
Since Pendulum Monsters can be Summoned like a monster, they can be Normal Summoned, Set, Special Summoned, etc.
Basically, they can be used as a Monster Card like any other monster.