Hello tembrey2 here:

I'm a new user for the Ygopro game. I wanted to throw in some suggestions regarding maybe new features to the game like having a CPU Spector mode or something. Were your decks can play against each other while watching. I believe that would be a great add-on to the gameplay.

Another idea I wanted to point out was the ai.lua or AI Harute. During the game play with AI battles, I had noticed some improvements that needed to be done as the AI properly playing the cards correctly such as;

AI activating a card effect (spell,trap,monster) and AI chaining to it's own effect, thus negating it's own card with another card it has down or in the hand. Not much of a expected thing a player would do in a proper playstyle. [:confu:]

Other than that, the game is excellent; I love the music, updated cards, and being able to test out decks against other players. Customization sleeves and deck themes.

Get back to me as soon as you can on the subject.

Thank you,

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