Please apply this checklist before you make a topic about a card:

Check your ygopro version first. 

Topic checklist 
  1. Please have some common sense and use a proper topic title
    Good example: "Stardust refuses to special summon"
    Bad example: "BUG!!!"
  2. Don't send a PM to the Moderators and Administrators about bugs. We are not your personal helpdesk.

Card checklist 
  1. Check if the card is already mentioned in this sticky topic 
  2. Check if the card is already reported by using the search 
  3. Describe the bug in DETAIL
    • What cards are on the field?
    • What cards did you activate before? Did you use Pot of Duality?
    • Have you met all the requirements for the card you are trying to use?
    • Does any of the cards prevent you from doing something?
    • Attaching a replay of the bug is recommended. If you do, state the turn in which the bug happened.

Too much trouble? It’s worth spending the time to do this right. After all, why should we spend the time if you aren’t willing to do so?
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Confusing rulings everyone should know

Listed here are some of the most confusing rulings in the Yu-Gi-Oh! trading card game, and an explanation of how they work in the corresponding spoilers. We ask that you read through this before posting, as a lot of “bugs” that we get in this sub-forum are typically just players being confused by these.

1. Synchro Monsters cannot always be Special Summoned from the Graveyard/banished zone.

2. A monster attached as Xyz Material never “leaves the field”, but is no longer on the field anyway.

3. You cannot always activate “When..: You can..” effects.