Why did you decided going with the OCG rule change instead of keeping the TCG Rulebook? I mean the other YGOPRO versions are still using the TCG Rulebook. Anyway I would like it if we could go back to the TCG Rulebook or even better if we could get to choose between either cause its still unclear if the TCG will undergo the same rule change I think. I hope I didnt offend anyone cause I really like this program, I just like the TCG Rules better and I think that most people actually prefer the TCG over the OCG, but as I said the ideal escenario will be to let the player choose between the 2, at least until the TCG Rulebook actually undergoes this change. By the way sorry for my english its not my first language.
It is not stuck with the OCG rules and you can choose between the two, it is however on the OCG's rulings by default and if you want to change back to TCG rules then you only need to tick the use obsolete ruling option when creating a game, this will give you our current rulings (first turn draw, one field spell ETC.) however unfortunately it also uses priority there's not much you can do about this though
Wow I didnt knew that sorry lol.
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