Here  you have both Synchro and XYZ explained pretty well, with in-game screens so you won't get confused.

As for the deck.

1) This deck is a mix, you said it yourself[:doh:] , but nowadays most decks are focused on 1 thing. It's either stalling, dealing effect damage, beating the crap out of people and more. You need to make this deck more focused. I see you want to use Spellcasters. Cool, go with that, but if you do, then Blue-Eyes, MoBC, Charmers and Senju have to go.

2) If you want to synchro summon, then synchro summon, leave XYZ as support and vice versa.

3) If you want to Pendulum you need more than 1 each. I recommend at least 2 each, maybe even 3 Odd-Eyes.

4) This deck is a bit to big. Simple matter of probability, 1/35 is better than 1/48(chance of getting the card you want in your first draw).

5) I don't know if you put Syncho and XYZ with Spellcaster in it, but it sure feels like it. There are some pretty cool Synchros and XYZ that can go well with pretty much any deck. Do some research on Rank 4, Rank 7 and Rank 3 XYZ. As for Synchros, check all monsters you can summon with this deck and choose the ones that look good.
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52 is too much for a deck, that's what i learnt first. 🙂
Ok to start it off. There are way to much cards in this deck. Try to fit your deck to your liking but atleast make it to where it'll be 20 Monster 10 Spells 10 Traps or just limit the monsters to 20.

-There are so many random cards in your deck. Just like Jacollo said, have a deck that has one focus(Is it an Synchro deck? or In this case a Spellcaster deck). Ask yourself What is the main focus of your deck? How Will it be done? And how does this card help my deck.
- Leave rituals monsters as a separate deck
-Also leave the unnecessary cards that have effects that have no reason to deal with the deck.
-Use monsters that have similar effects to define the purpose of your deck.

Basically overall just make a balanced 40 card deck that has a focus.
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