Infinity Overlord
I was really looking forward to this card and I've been experimenting with it and after a few tries against the AI,I noticed its effects don't completely work as they should.The 1000 ATK per Xyz material is fine,but the second one,to detach an Xyz Material to attack another opponent's monster,can only be activated once per turn and the card text doesn't seem to limit it to 1 attack,also if your opponent has no monsters when using this effect,it attacks directly,which it shouldn't.For its last effect,it's a bit complicated,because it asks you if you want to either put a card on top of the deck or attach a card to itself as an Xyz Material.The way the effect is written,both actions should be mandatory,not that you can choose which one to use.Also,when choosing the cards,it can let you choose the same card for both options,which results in it being returned to the top since the first option is to do so.The windows that display the two actions also have ??? only,which can be a bit confusing if you don't remember the order of the actions.

Also,if neither player has a card in the Graveyard,it can still activate its effect,in which case it places a card from the opponent's hand on top of their deck.