So me and my friend were playing today, and i told him i had a really fun trick to screw over Wicked Avatar users, but we're not sure if Misfortune works on Wicked Avatar because it only takes half of the ORIGINAL. So would Misfortune still work on Avatar since i thought his original attack is according to the effect and the strongest monster on the field.
I'm pretty sure monsters with ? attack are usually treated as having 0 original attack, unless an effect specifically changes that. Wicked Avatar's own effect does not modify its original attack/defense, so Misfortune wouldn't do anything.
Monsters with ? ATK are treated as having undefined Original ATK while in hand, deck or on the field(unless the effect says otherwise). Therefor you can't summon them with with Elemental Searchers nor use any Original ATK manipulation effects. If you want to screw with Wicked Avatar try Ragnas 😉
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