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I have 4 pieces of Exodia in my hand and the 5th piece on my field summoned by Relay Soul.

If I return to my hand the 5th piece with Compulse I win the duel or lose the duel or draw?
There is no ruling on this atm but I would hazard a guess that it would end in a draw as both players have achieved a Victory Condition at the same time.
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I looked through Exodia's rulings , and it would seem that it would actually not be a draw, but a win, because Exodia seems to take effect before any continuous or lingering "When X happens, do Y" effects, due to not being an effect itself. (Specifically, I surmise this from the Magical Thorns and Deck Devastation Virus rulings).

Though I do not see why they wouldn't rule it as a draw.
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Are 2 condition of Victory at the same time, maybe is a draw.