The file down below is what I currently have in it. But I want to knoq if the card list done below is better then the file down below.
Deck 1 (Slyvan) Card List

3x Sylvan hermit tree
3x sylvan peacekeeper
3x sylvan komushroomo
3x slyvan marshalleaf
2x lonefire blossom
1x dandylion
1x spore
3x fallen Angel of roses
1x copy plant
3x maxx c
2x effect veiler
1x swift scarecrow

3x mst
3x mount Sylvania
3x miracle fertilizer

3x call of haunted
2x Breakthrough skill

Extra Deck
2x felgrand
1x Alsei, sylvan high protector
1x Dracossack
1x Big eye
1x Black rose
1x scrap Dragon

Not 100%
Number 15
Number 101
Number 74
Star eater
Stardust dragon
Leviair the sea dragon
Wind up zenmaines
Diamond Dire Wolf

If anyone have a sylvan deck already made can you upload it plz
Any recommendations for this deck is accepted
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