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Anyone can give Over Hundred Numbers deck (CXyz Barian Deck Pls.)
Here's the deck recipe.

The Effect Monsters are there to make the rank 4 Xyzs and in the cases of Star Drawing and Sacred Crane, to draw.

Some Spells are staples and some are to Rank-up, you can change the Rank-up magics depending on your taste. "Rank-up Magic The Seventh One" is the only card in this deck to summon Tachyon Dragon.

King of the Feral Imps searches for Kagetokage and Masked Chameleon.

I personally think that running all the numbers between 101 and 107 isn't very good because they aren't all good, but I put them and their Number C versions. If you don't like the xyz, feel free to change them.

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