Hi guys, this is a deck a develop recently, Its really powerful so far. However its OCG deck because some card's are not released in the TCG. I try to make a deck profile for TCG as wel, but here is my OCG version.


1 Red-eyes darkness metal dragon
3 Blue eyes white dragon
3 Galaxy eyes photon dragon
3 Thunder Dragon
3 Shining Angle
1 Honest
3 King of the swamp
2 Galaxy-eyes cloud dragon
2 Blue-eyed maiden.


2 Dragon mirrors
1 dark hole
1 Monster reborn (for TCG Call of the Haunted/Silver Cry or a third Soul charge)
3 Photon sanctuary
2 polymerization
3 dragon shrine
2 Soul charge
2 Mystical space typhoon


1 Dimension prison
1 Trap hole/Giant trap hole
1 Fiendish chain (unfortunately no room for 2)

Extra deck

1 five headed dragon
1 Blue-Eyes ultimate Dragon
1 Twin headed Thunder dragon
1 Twin photon lizard
1 Azure-Eyes Silver dragon
1 Galexy-eyes prime photon dragon
1 Neo Galexy eyes Photon dragon
1 Thunder End dragon
1 Hieratic sun dragon overlord of Heliopolis
1 Galexy-eyes Tachyon dragon
1 dragluon


-(Shining Angle >) Cloud dragon/Blue eyes maiden > Bleu/Photon eyes, (galaxy-eyes must be discarded first)
- Photon Centenary to normal summon or (special summon galaxy)
- Dragon Shrine > discard 2 Bleu eyes or 1 Bleu Eyes and 1 Galaxy Eyes > Cloud dragon to revive Galaxy eyes Bleu eyes for Thunder end dragon, or other Xyz
- Dragon mirror (king of the swamp) > Bleu-Eyes Ultimate Dragon
- Thunder Dragon/king of the swamp for an quick Thunder twin dragon so i can keep up preasure at the start.


This deck is an old skool beatdown deck featured around blue eyes and galaxy eyes. The main purpose is to use galaxy eyes against xyz. If there are 2 level 8 monsters on the fiend i try to get dragluon on the fiend, if there is already an other monster i use galaxy eyes prime photon dragon, Overlord of Heliopolis or Thunder end dragon if possible. or I wait until i can summon neo galaxy eyes. In the mean time i also try to get blue eyes ultimate on the field.

- I use a Red-Eyes because its a dragon deck and its effect is good. However its not necessary to play REDMD.
- Thunder dragon because in can thin out your deck and because there is a big chance you draw it so you can get out a supper fast Thunder Twin Dragon.
- 3 king of the swamp. Three because you can't search out king of the swamp, so i want it in my hand when i need it king of the swamp is important because you can use it to summon Blue Eyes ultimate trough Dragon mirror
- Blue eyes maiden since her effect is nice. However blue eyes don't have a card what will instant summon him expect paladin. But paladin is a Ritual monster so to hard to bring out.

This is the first version of the deck. Its strong against xyz decks. But i did not test this deck well enough. So maybe you guys can find some improvements.
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Cool deck.

I know it isn't what you want to hear, but I'm tempted to tell you to drop the fusion aspect of the deck. Specifically, -2 polymerization and -3 King of the swamp. You can keep Dragon's Mirror.
Okay well i try your deck againt my awaken galaxy deck and i beat your deck no problem, but your deck idea very good but it need a little more like i notice that you put 6 lv8 monsters maybe you should ad spell cards like trade-in or magical mallet they can help draw card you need give them a try and i hope that helps.
Sure you can beat is because its version 1.0.

Right now the problem is that the deck is really strong if the right cards where played. But it's really weak against mass destruction card like Dark hole or torrential tribute. I'm also not happy about the draw power. So i added 2 Trade-in (I completely forgot about that card) So is there a way to get my deck more ''mass destruction proof''

The fusion aspect of the deck is really well, maybe i can get rid of one king of the swamp. The reason why i add 3 instead of 2 was because i could summon 2 galaxy eyes rather easy by using it as fusion material for Twin Photon Lizard and than use its effect to split up and than i get 2 galaxy eyes on my field. King of the swamp is also useful for dragon mirror. If i activate one dragon shrine i can get rid of 2 blue eyes and than use king of the swamps effect to get him in the graveyard, than i got blue eyes ultimate.

Now i run 2 king of the swamps, i keep 2 polys because for my thunder dragons. Maybe one is enough if there is a way to get it out quickly its now 4-38 % chance i have one rather than 3-38% Btw Thunder Dragon and twin Thunder dragon are no dragon type monster so i can use dragons mirror on them.

I now run 2 king of the swamps, 3 Dark Bribe 1 heavy storm, 2 xyz reborns and 2 trade-ins. So i got enough drawing power. Lets see if this goes better.
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