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hi all

not sure if its just me
but evry time i have to start or my friend starts with the dual
the game dose not alow the person to draw a card on the start turn

as far as i know are the game rules still the same
that you are alowed to draw a card at start of the game
and just not batle

would like some feed back on this

friendly regards noeka
This is an OCG rule, to use the TCG rules click the box when you host the game.
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ty for the fast responce
Get used to it ,because the new pendulum cards will be coming soon and i believe starting in July it will be a permanent rule.
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yea i heard a cople things bout that tho i cant say im looking forward to it

but none the les could you give me bit more details bout that
or a link were i can find more info ?

better be prepared then anoyed when it launches i gess
I don't understand them pend. Cards at ALL....
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from what i heard
the cards are used like field cards and you place 2 of em
and all the monsters between those lvls you can special sumon on the field

tho thats what i heard havent found anything to suport that tho
so i could be completly wrong ( and i hope i am )

I don't like the idea. This games become all about synchros and xyz summons. I miss the old school days when flute of the summoning dragon for 2 bewds was a huge feat keeping lord of d out. Lol. Back when you had to almost don2 tributes for Gaia, dark magician, red eyed, bewd, etc. And beat down decksruled till u hit a face down cyber jar! U were the man if you pulled off gate guard a in, and if you fused beud u ruled the field, till u got hit by fissure. Lol. Too many special summons now. Bring back an old school game:)
New OCG Rules, at least the important ones:

  1. First turn player doesn't draw
  2. Both players can have field spells on the field
  3. If you have a field spell and you activate/set a new one, the old one is SENT TO THE GRAVE not destroyed(so Geartown effect wont activate)

Things you need to know about Pendulum:

  1. There are 2 new field zones, Pendulum zones, for Pendulum monsters ONLY.
  2. Pendulum monsters can be treated as Monster or Spells. They are treated as Spells ONLY in the Pendulum zone.
  3. When a Pendulum Monster on the field is destroyed, tributed, used as Synchro Material or Fusion Material it's sent to the Extra Deck instead of the Graveyard.
  4. To perform a Pendulum summon you need 2 Pendulum monsters in your Pendulum Zones. You can do a Pendulum Summon ONCE per turn.
  5. In a Pendulum Summon you can Special Summon monster from your hand of Pendulum monster from your Extra deck. The Level of those monster has to be between the Pendulum Scales of the Pendulum Monsters in the Pendulum Zones(Numbers next to the Red and Blue Arrow on the Card). So if you have a Scale 1 and a Scale 8 Pendulum Monster in your Pendulum Zones you can Pendulum Summon monsters with level 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7. If the Scales are 2 and 5 you can Pendulum Summon level 3 or 4 monsters. All monsters are summoned AT THE SAME TIMES. So if the Summon is Negated ALL monsters go to the graveyard.

That pretty much covers it all.
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Originally Posted by: jacollo 

  • If you have a field spell and you activate/set a new one, the old one is SENT TO THE GRAVE not destroyed(so Geartown effect wont activate)

  • Darn, then this means I shouldn't use Geartown when in OCG rules. I thought I could cope with No First Turn Draw and 2 Field Spells but that last part just breaks everything.
    Now this is how I play:
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