Does the android version have plans for LAN play/Bluetooth or hotspot duels? Also are there plans in the works for implementing a friends list so we can have rematches or duel people we know via searching usernames? It'd make this game a hundred times more epic
Yes there will be LAN play via wifi soon. No plans for bluetooth though.

I am currently researching friends list via Google Play Game Services.
Since I have your attention Percy, if its not too much to ask, is there a way to change the android versionsbBG and sleeves? I haven't gooten any responses from anyone about the topic. I dunno if I missed something, I was under the assumption it can be done without the need of a computer or having your phone rooted. Can you clarify this? If its not possible, will it be a possibility in the future? I undertsans this game isaalways developing I just was not sure is all. 🙂 thank you again for the quick response! ^_^
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