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New Posts Deep Sea Merlantean0143
We just got new Deep Sea cards which boost Merlanteans

New Posts UTOPIC ZEXAL Igknight turbo deck0178
Ban worthy Zexal finally hyper consistent

New Posts ABC Dragon buster deck0185
With MPB Link and Union carrier 2020

New Posts Infinite Negate Igknights0145
Noble Knight Renaud boosts Igknights

New Posts Cyber Dragon w/ Union carrier0307
UnionCarrier CyberDragon - VIDEO link

New Posts Agear link Mpb Auroradon Deskbots0191
Might as well call this deskbot links..

New Posts Deskbots with Ancient Gear link0138
Ancient gear link ups the consistency to a point you can even abuse Qli Genius

New Posts Cross Rose Dragon showcase0143
Plant Synchro is back (Cough just give us the Fiber to)

New Posts Faithful Servant0173
Why would Yugi need a card which topdecks him card when he has that pyramid aound his neck

New Posts Fluffal w/ Anaconda & Clotheep, and Dragun of Red-Eyes0233
Fluffal with fusions support, along with chill music.

New Posts Orcust Anaconda deck0158
Orcust Analaconda butt fks meta

New Posts Thunder Dragon w/ Clotheep & Anaconda0166
Thunder Dragon youtube showcase

New Posts Fire King Nephthys KOZMO loops & combos0265
Pop the ships in your hand, abuse mannequin cat, loop soartroopers
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