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New Posts AI Didn't Chain Zero Gravity To Cloudian - Acid Cloud Effect2167
Cloudian - Acid Cloud destroys Zero Gravity but it is chainable

New Posts Using Effect Veiler Pointlessly And One Other Thing4273
Empty Field besides my one monster.

New Posts AI chose not to kill me1371
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New Posts Editing AI decks28,656
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New Posts Arcanite Magician Bug5336
Arcanite Magician doesnt remove Spell counters properly

New Posts D/D/D AI2858
Where is the D/D/D AI

New Posts AI Always attacks1315
AI always attacks no matter what

New Posts AI bug/malfunction10934
The AI ceases to play

New Posts AI Kosmo error2299
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New Posts ┬┐How do I know that I am selecting for cost and not for target?3281
I'm trying to code a good deck AI and maybe a simple AI editor
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