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New Posts How do i save a replay while battling AI in AI MODE?84,193
can't find save replay feature anymore...

New Posts the ai knows how to make me laugh0320
so funny
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Poll New Posts AI - Constellars21,245
Constellar, and Game mechanics that the AI didn't utilize.

New Posts Mermail Abysstrite2289
Was destroyed and didn't SS a Mermail from the Graveyard

New Posts An A.I Without an ounce of soul1274
small issues and hopefully better updates in future

New Posts Caius & Safe Zone7503
Safe Zone bug (?)

New Posts Mermail Abyssbalaen0406
Effect doesn't activate

New Posts magical exvacation0146

New Posts AI bugs that i found2290
Some AI Bugs

New Posts Ai bugs - Suicidal tendancies9772
Ai bugs seem to suicide
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