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New Posts EDOPro Frightfur Sabre-Tooth1258
Frightfur Sabre-Tooth eff?

New Posts Starving Venom Fusion Dragon Bug (Anime Version)4232
Ultra Poly+anime starving
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New Posts Ultra Poly. Glitch1240

New Posts Unchained Archtype0141
Aren’t working in Projectignis
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New Posts Windwitch - Glass Bell Bug0170
Windwitch - Glass Bell Bug EDOPro Test Hand

New Posts Downbeat - error for modified levels0152
Incorrectly uses original level

New Posts mr52255
how to get it updated?

New Posts linkross' bug0128
any token treated as link tokens

New Posts el shaddol winda1152
1 speacil summon per turn

New Posts 2 cards' bugs0115
Smoke Mosquito and Zombie Necronize
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