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New Posts Living Fossil bug.070
Affects monsters that are unaffected

New Posts Hedgehog squamata bug4174
Hedgehog effect doesnt activate with squamata effect

New Posts Card bug or missplay2405
Hot Red Dragon Archfiend King calamity effect doesn't activate

New Posts Sent to GY1167

New Posts Field Barrier Error0115
A posible error with field barrier

New Posts Nibiru the Primal Being vs Number 33 Machu Mech0221
The Token vs the XYZ Effect
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New Posts Not sure, but might be a bug...1155
In a duel the card i wanted to add with "Pot of Duality" was send to the GY instead!
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New Posts Necroworld Banshee0156

New Posts Gouki Octostretch not being identified in the "Gouki" archtype0127
not being identified in the "Gouki" archtype when activating cards
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New Posts Yubel Terror Incarnate into Yubel Ultimate Nightmare.. Neos Kluger into Neos Wiseman0117
Effect wont activate after torrenial tribute

New Posts Draconnet efect isn't working1134
I normal summoned him but the efect did not activated; ┬┤please, fix this :(
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New Posts Vampire Sucker ruling1275
I can tribute ONLY 1 monster
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