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Anime, Manga & Video Game Character Decks - fully accurate!

New Posts ✡THE BEST KAIJU DECK ANTI-META Profile❗August 2017❗01,392

New Posts Box of Cologne31,221
I need help with a Princess Cologne + Box of Friends deck

New Posts The Ultimate Mill Deck (Anime cards): Currently Building01,450
I'm trying to build the ultimate mill deck using virus cards mostly. Need help making it better!

New Posts Pure Dino deck12,169
Need sugestions/help for new cards to help engine

New Posts Playing Card Decks0251

New Posts Crippling Burst Lunalights Deck on TCG/OCG banlist with 18kLP+0447
Due to the current banlist, the burst was reduce.
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New Posts Convulsion Oath0332
Winged Dragon of Ra deck.

New Posts Yubel Troll Deck212,231
Yubel Trolling is fun :D

New Posts Burning Abyss Monarchs; good for this format, can survive link format22,082
I built this deck with link format in mind, please evaluate and critique honestly!

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New Posts Malefic Deck Help0672
Please help me with my Malefic deck
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